I Love Spring Book Tag

☼ 1) How is Spring where you live?

RAINY! It rains almost everyday.

☼ 2) Most anticipated book release this Spring?

I have so many, but here are just a few!

Let Me Hear a Rhyme” by Tiffany D. Jackson

Wicked Saints” by Emily A. Duncan

Aurora Rising” by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

☼ 3) Show us a book cover that makes you think of Spring.

I’ve always thought “Everything, Everything” by Nicola Yoon was a very spring looking cover

☼ 4) What are you going to read this Spring?

I don’t know. I’m SUCH a mood reader and never really stick to a set tbr, so I usually pick up what sounds most interesting to me at the moment! Here’s the tbr I’m currently trying to stick to! Click here

☼ 5) Find a cover with the sun on it!

I actually had trouble thinking of a book with a sun on it. “History Is All You Left Me

☼ 6) What are your favorite Spring reads?

I’m not a seasonal reader at all, but if I had to choose it would probably be YA contemporary.

☼ 7) Find a book with many different colors on it!

Little Do we know” is a book I’ve never actually read, but am so interested to read it!

☼ 8) Whom do you tag?

If you see this, consider yourself tagged!

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